About M & M Tours

M&M Tours is a Shuttle & Tours Company, 100% Swati owned entity. M&M Tours is providing comprehensive services for organised tours for tourists from and to The Kingdom of Eswatini. We are a fully licenced Tours Company and started operating on the 1st of October 2019.


Our aim is to provide results-oriented touring solutions that meet your requirement and budget. We provide our clients with suitable organised tours according to their interests and special wishes.


Being the most dependable, effective Service Provider to our clients by providing shuttle & tours services at a reasonable cost and reflecting quality & professionalism to our clients.


Reasonable Price Policy; do not pay a lot for excellent service and outstanding organized tours when traveling with a locally owned tour operator.


Our Travel Consultants & chauffeurs are qualifed and boast vast experience in the shuttle & tours industry. The Directorship has vast experience in Transport and People Management

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